Bad Betty - The Praise Of Old Men S01E38 ( Rolemaster RPG actual play )

S01E38 The demon possessed Sylke is being hunted by the party. Fighting their way through more child-like demons and their taller whip wielding wranglers, they tracked her to a ruined tower with the help of the blue sprite, one of Mab's servants maybe. Ugnan used a herb to speed himself up to Sylke's location but was unable to hold her with a spell, taking a shock bolt from her for his troubles. Injured, the healer was forced to only watch as Victoria charged off into the dark mists after the fleeing but also bleeding elf.

This is a Rolemaster Classic Actual Play set in Terry K Amthor's excellent Shadow World using Fantasy Grounds.

You can find session summaries, items and characters on World Anvil where our campaign is called "The Praise of Old men" ( ).

5:52 The Arena
36:22 Chains room
52:53 351 attack roll

As usual, this episode has jump cuts to keep the run time down.

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