Colour-shifter - The Praise Of Old Men S01E39 ( Rolemaster RPG actual play )

S01E39 Giving up the hunt for Sylke the rogue-less and mage-less companions have continued to look for the final artefact, the other portal rod, in the nearest unexplored major structure. This turned out to be an arena, surrounded by the serpent infested waters of the bay. It appeared largely empty. While investigating one of two rooms off the arena floor, the party were attacked by chained invisible entities that stole Cran's sacred crowbar, Betty and used it to free themselves from their bonds. After a clumsy fight the creatures were slain and it is now time to continue onward.

This is a Rolemaster Classic Actual Play set in Terry K Amthor's excellent Shadow World using Fantasy Grounds.

You can find session summaries, items and characters on World Anvil where our campaign is called "The Praise of Old men" ( ).

2:52 The other room

24:50 Hay pile room

34:00 Colour-shifters

52:23 End of fight

As usual, this episode has jump cuts to keep the run time down.

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