Rainbow shield - The Praise Of Old Men S01E40 ( Rolemaster RPG actual play )

S01E40 Exploring the ruined arena of Tarek Nev, the companions have bested invisible and then camouflaged demonic entities, taking mortal wounds along the way. Now a door, leading in under the seating around the fighting pit, bars their path. Will this be the room that holds the final artefact?  

This is a Rolemaster Classic Actual Play set in Terry K Amthor's excellent Shadow World using Fantasy Grounds.

You can find session summaries, items and characters on World Anvil where our campaign is called "The Praise of Old men" ( https://www.worldanvil.com/w/shadow-world-ancellus ).

16:56 Door open
51:26 Rainbow depressions

As usual, this episode has jump cuts to keep the run time down.

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