Addict four! - The Praise Of Old Men S01E20 ( Rolemaster RPG actual play )

S01E20 One of Terek-Nev's denizens, a tall, swift and strong demon bars the party from getting closer to the large stone building. Already, it has felled Cran with one blow that has stoved in his helm and killed him. Or has it?

Our GM, Stuart, also resolved his dodgy mic issues so the days of audio cutting out look to be over!

Jan, Numal's player, is missing this session and we lose Sylke's player halfway through.

You're listening to a Rolemaster Classic Actual Play set in Terry K Amthor's excellent Shadow World using Fantasy Grounds.

You can find session summaries, items and characters on Obsidian Portal where our campaign is called "The Praise of Old men". This episode is cross referenced as "Chapter Four: Demons Of The Burning Night: Part Three".

29:19 Interlude
34:53 Restart
55:23 End of fight

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