Old fiend - The Praise Of Old Men S01E36 ( Rolemaster RPG actual play )

S01E36 Cherry and Numal will take time to recover their wits before venturing out into Tarek Nev again. Fortunately two survivors from a downed skyship have decided to join the group of adventurers. Time will tell if the Laan archer Acor and Snarkel, a Nomari warrior, are adequate replacements. Continuing their search for the final artefact, the other portal rod, the party came upon a stone area inlaid with geometric patterns. In its centre were two fallen figures, one a winged Amarishi. Sylke rushed in to investigate a crown which brought a half spherical barrier down over her. We pick up just after a tall thin demon has risen out of the Amarishi corpse, seeming to recognise the now trapped elf, and has stepped towards her. 


This is a Rolemaster Classic Actual Play set in Terry K Amthor's excellent Shadow World using Fantasy Grounds.


You can find session summaries, items and characters on World Anvil where our campaign is called "The Praise of Old men" ( https://www.worldanvil.com/w/shadow-world-ancellus ).


32:26 Struggle over
33:30 Origana
52:19 Stayin' Alive


As usual, this episode has jump cuts to keep the run time down.


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